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Astro Melody Records

Since their inception Astro Melody Records have been firmly committed to releasing music that would reach future classics status. Rooted in the traditional reggae ethos their sound is reminiscent of yester-years reggae sound and feel. Having released critically acclaimed projects early on has set this label on the path to blazing trails. Started in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, Astro Black and Melodican decided after a conversation where they were pondering the events of the world that they should start their own label. Combining both of their names to come up with the name the label was born.. They set out immediately to develop the sound that would become their signature. A classic 80's, early nineties feel reminiscent of earlier foundation classics that inspired the two multi-talented artist. The first release on the label was with South African reggae artist L'Titude. The track titled "Lost City" quickly had people taking notice.

Melodican dropped his first full length EP "Classical Meditations", This was followed by DJ Astro Black Presents: Transfuser Riddim. These releases have been followed up by many, now nu-classics, such as "Life & Livity" with Singaporean artist Masia One, "Ram Dancehall" featuring Jamaican singer Benjaminz and "Always Remember" with Italian reggar star Ras Tewelde.  Astro Melody Records releases have reached audiences in Japan, India, Australia, Europe, UK, USA, Israel, Russia just to name a few territories. We are very grateful for the response our music has received. We hope to grow with our listeners to become a reggae music family, spreading love and good vibes.

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