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Melodican is a multi-instrumentalist, musician, vocalist, performer and producer. He is also one half of Astro Melody Records record label. The Dominican Republic born artist spent time in New York city, where he cut his teeth under the tutelage of Studio One owner and chief Clement "Coxsone" Dodd, as a studio musician. As a bandleader he was the front person for the band Rebel Soul during the late eighties and early nineties. During this time he recorded the single "Conscious Radio" for the Studio One label. This single remains a highly sought after 12' version on vinyl. After relocating to California in the nineties Melodican has recorded, performed, toured with and supported reggae acts both on the west coast and east of the USA. In 2019 he released his first full length album titled "Classical Meditations" which set him sailing on his new musical voyage. In 2020 Melodican and DJ Astro Black formed the Astro Melody Records imprint. The label has been receiving it's share of acclaim in the reggae arena with it's releases. Melodican released a follow up to Classical Meditations simply titled Vol. 2 This was another journey into classical, reggae and melodican terrain, where he got to show off his self performed, produced and mastered opus.  With a steady stream of releases and production credits under his belt he released the "Conquering Lion" EP which was received globally with huge fanfare. It was featured on Spotify playlist by IRIE magazine and featured on radio in numerous territories. He also remixed for Dubmatix, on his War, Peace & Dub track featuring Rasta Reuben. Melodican's touch is on every AMR release from production, mixing and right through to mastering. Stay tuned for more from this musical titan.

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